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WHAT IS “ilm.”?

“ilm” is a transliteration that means “knowledge”. More so both the secular and the non-secular knowledge realms together symbiotically. It also serves as a “working-title-acronym”:

Inspiring Like Minds.

I Love Myself.

In Loving Memory.

… and whatever else that works 🤷🏽(smile!)

Overall it is the spirit of our body of work. Mission Statement statement is a production & design company rooted in music and clothing. Producing music, clothing, contract procurement. As well as designing clothing lines, inventions/creative ideas, and innovative plans and solutions.

Music and clothing, the fount of from its inception, are a platform and a pavilion for upholding and advancing upstanding humanitarian initiatives that are near and dear to the heart of the company.

Facilitation of networking requisites in favor of our invested interests.

Constantly inventing products that will again expedite humanitarian initiatives aspiring to philanthropic reach.

Creating too community based movements designed to inspire our people to be more “response-able”(responsible). looks forward to fulfilling our vision 

This is a first and final attempt of this sort, in going worldwide or public ….or international what may have you.

I Need YOUR Support!

Multimedia collage

Home page statement is a production & design company rooted in music... 

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